New Teufel stereo speakers

In the begin­ning of 2011 Teufel presents new mod­els of speak­ers from their Ultima series. There are three dif­fer­ent types of stereo speak­ers, Ultima 20, Ultima 30 and Ultima 40. And the best news is, that there is no ship­ping fee to pay if you buy them dur­ing the next days. The offer is valid until Jan­u­ary 16th.

The Ultima 20 speak­ers are book­shelf speak­ers with a 165 mm bass dri­ver. The two speak­ers have power for 80 watt and they are rec­om­mended for rooms with at least 20 sqm. They are avail­able in a black or wooden colour. The speak­ers cost around 178,- pound.

A bit more expen­sive but still pretty cheap are the two speak­ers called Ultima 30. Con­trary to the Ultima 20 set, the speak­ers are floor-​standing. The sound is high-​class with 120 watt and a 165 mm bass dri­ver. The midrange dri­ver has also 165 mm and the calotte works with 25 mm. Your room should be around 30 sqm to get the best sound. For 258,- pound you can buy the Ultima 30 speak­ers also in black or wooden colour.

Last but not least Teufel pre­sented the Ultima 40 speak­ers. They score with 200 watt two 165 mm bass dri­vers to get a deep sound. The floor-​standing sys­tem also works with midrange and calotte dri­vers and four speak­ers. They are rec­om­mended for rooms with 35 sqm. You can buy the speak­ers for around 348,- pound in the Ultima-​typical colours black or wooden.

The Teufel Ultima series guar­an­tee a good cost-​performance-​ratio. Remind that you can save the ship­ping fees if you buy the speaker-​systems dur­ing the next days.

Teufel Ultima 20

pic­ture: Teufel Ultima 20

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