Sony CMT-​BX70DBI Dock­ing Station

Sony has a very wide range of Hifi-​Systems. One of the use­ful solu­tions for a small sys­tem is the sony CMT-​BX70DBI. The sys­tem is a micro hifi and has an inte­grated dock­ing sta­tion for your iPod and cd player. It also has a radio tuner with space for up to 30 radio sta­tion. One can use the sony CMT-​BX70DBI with cds, the mp3-​player or iPod.

The com­pact sys­tem is quite small, but gen­er­ates a very good sound with its 2×38 watt speak­ers. The sound is clear, even when it is loud. It works with 230 V AC and 50/​60 Hz. The bass sound is also impres­sive and the set up is very easy to handle.Useful set func­tions such as alarm and sleep timer is inte­grated in the sony CMT-​BX70DBI system.

The sony CMT-​BX70DBI is a very com­pact sys­tem with a nice design. It is pos­si­ble to use it in your kitchen, bed­room or liv­ing room. The prize per­for­mance ratio is also very good. The sony CMT-​BX70DBI is avail­able for around 150,- pounds.


pic­ture: Sony CMT-​BX70DBI