Pio­neer XW-​NAS5 iPod speak­er­sys­tem with FM Radio and Alarm Clock

The Apple iPod has estab­lished itself in the mar­ket and is no longer just a toy for teenagers. Rather, this lit­tle device, with its fan­tas­tic sound some­thing for music lovers. There­fore, it is only log­i­cal if one unit be used with­out head­phones, and can share the plea­sure of music with oth­ers. Dock­ing sta­tion with inte­grated speak­ers, there are numer­ous on the mar­ket. Pio­neer, how­ever, pro­vides a pow­er­ful and com­pact device that leaves noth­ing to be desired. Thus, the attrac­tive part comes with 2.1 chan­nel dig­i­tal ampli­fier and 10cm sub­woofer home. In con­junc­tion with the auto­matic vol­ume con­trol and the so-​called Advanced Sound Retriever gen­er­ates the Pio­neer XW-​NAS5-​S a very warm sound. As pleas­ant as it is expected of orig­i­nals, many are finally com­pressed audio files from the worlds of play to the orig­i­nal record­ing. When XW NAS5-​S of the Advanced Sound Retriever ensures that the com­pressed data will unfold again and retrieve the full audio spec­trum. If you lis­ten with plea­sure to the sys­tem, then one clearly defined set ups and downs. A rich bass pro­vides the bril­liant con­clu­sion.
The Pio­neer XW-​NAS5-​S is not only a portable speaker sys­tem for iPod, but can also be seen as an inter­face between the iPod and TV. Finally, videos can be of appro­pri­ately com­pat­i­ble devices, viewed directly on the TV. The sound is still from the small plant. Thus, the unit of Pio­neer almost been a part of the home the­ater.
The hous­ing of the device is in addi­tion to the styl­ish and strik­ing appear­ance also designed smart. Finally, the sealed case pro­vides spe­cial insu­la­tion mate­ri­als for low vibra­tion. Accord­ingly, one won­ders that this small part actu­ally weighs 5 kilo­grams. A trib­ute to the high qual­ity com­po­nents, as well as the elab­o­rate design of the hous­ing.
Fea­tures include an alarm clock with sleep and alarm func­tions. Both fea­tures are accessed via the large LED dis­play. The dis­play also comes as a cen­ter of the device, this can also select tracks and fold­ers of the iPod and dis­play. The FM radio, the stored sounds and an optional music stream­ing via Blue­tooth empha­size the tech­ni­cal char­ac­ter. A small remote con­trol com­pletes the pack­age and makes the small sys­tem with a com­fort­able music.
This ensures the device with all func­tions can be used, Apple Ipods required from the gen­er­a­tion 2006 vin­tage. The iPhone can be used also, but only in flight mode. The exact-​shells give a secure hold of the iPod and pro­vide him with the same power. Thus an addi­tional dock­ing sta­tion for the pure charg­ing unnecessary.

Pioneer XW-NAS5

Pic­ture: Pio­neer XW-​NAS5

Pioneer XW-NAS5 back

Pic­ture: Pio­neer XW-​NAS5 back