Teufel M420 F

The speaker man­u­fac­turer Teufel is pre­sent­ing the stereo‐system M 420 F, two tall and par­tially active tower speak­ers of top‐class with inte­grated sub­woofers. The stereo‐system‐speakers are being dri­ven by a 180 Watt ampli­fier which, in com­bi­na­tion with the other com­po­nents, deliv­ers a sub­lime sound.

The first impres­sion – design, work­man­ship, mate­r­ial finish

The M420 F speaker‐system will con­vince you from the very first moment with its dis­creet appear­ance and a beau­ti­fully shaped design that we usu­ally know from only much more expen­sive speak­ers. Work­man­ship and mate­r­ial fin­ish are beyond any doubt on the high­est level, as we are used to by Teufel. The tall struc­ture is impos­ing. So, the first impres­sion is con­sis­tently pos­i­tive and raises appetite for more of Teufel’s M420 F speaker‐system.

The tech­nol­ogy – Fea­tures, com­po­nents and sound

The sys­tem is par­tially active and works simul­ta­ne­ously as pas­sive tower speak­ers and active sub­woofer, mak­ing addi­tional woofers super­flu­ous. The spe­cific par­tially active hybrid‐structure con­sists of the fol­low­ing components.

> 130mm fibreglass‐bass/​midrange dri­ver (2 per each speaker)

The 130mm fibreglass‐bass/​midrange dri­ver is pre­sent­ing a mix of high and mid fre­quen­cies and makes the sound full‐bodied and alive. The mid­dle tunes are being repro­duced pre­cisely and basses are dark, low and unaltered.

> 25mm neodymium‐tweeter (1 per speaker)

The 25mm neodymium‐tweeter ensures a crys­tal clear repro­duc­tion of high fre­quen­cies, such as voices and there­fore rep­re­sents the stereo­phonic basis. It sup­ple­ments the bass/​mid‐picture with clear and fine tuned high tones, cre­at­ing an unmis­tak­able holis­tic sound.

> 250mm active bass dri­ver (1 per speaker)

The 250mm bass dri­ver is round­ing out the sound of the two other com­po­nents with seri­ous pres­sure and def­i­nite sound. Com­bined with the bass/​midrange dri­vers, they result in an impos­ing acoustic expe­ri­ence of the M420 F system.

> 180 Watt ampli­fier (per each sub­woofer)

Both sub­woofers are being dri­ven by their own 180 Watt final that has been spe­cially designed for this low tone level and only feeds this chan­nel. There­fore, a pow­er­ful and pre­cise sound is being gen­er­ated that one wouldn’t expect from such slim speakers.


The M420 Stereo‐Speaker‐System results in an acoustic mas­ter piece of the man­u­fac­turer Teufel from Berlin. This sys­tem is suit­able as pure stereo‐system as well as a surround‐system, in com­bi­na­tion with addi­tional speak­ers. Rooms up to 50 m² can eas­ily be radi­ated with­out need­ing a sec­ond breath.

In the end, the M420 F is a very well engi­neered sys­tem for high demands which def­i­nitely mer­its a doubt­less rec­om­men­da­tion. For only 649.00 £ you can obtain the M 420 F at the online store of Teufel.

Teufel M 420 F

Teufel M 420 F backside

Pic­ture: Teufel M 420 F back­side

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