Bang & Olufsen BeoVision

How in the world of excep­tional sound mark even with the TVs com­po­nents from Bang & Olufsen the top. Not only tech­ni­cally but also visu­ally set the Beo­Vi­sion Tele­vi­sions down­right stan­dards. Each series is a work of art in itself and thus a true design piece in the liv­ing room.

On the flag has writ­ten the fol­low­ing Bang & Olufsen — Cin­ema for the home, with Beo­Vi­son no prob­lem. The Beo­Vi­son 4 plasma TV has either a screen size 50 – 65 inches. In addi­tion, make art full-​HD com­po­nents for true high def­i­n­i­tion. With a high refresh rate and selected com­po­nents, this TV makes a lot of fun over the years. The Bang & Olufsen has some expe­ri­ence in the field of sound repro­duc­tion, you can hear already the TV in nor­mal mode. The built-​in speak­ers deliver sur­round sound are all very influ­en­tial and thus ensure ade­quate rep­re­sen­ta­tion of the tele­vi­sion sound. Plugged into a Bang & Olufsen music sys­tem which is of course topped yet.

By adapt­ing to the exist­ing walls, which rep­re­sent ide­ally the instal­la­tion of Beo­Vi­sion 4, the image is ren­dered as pleas­ant as pos­si­ble. For exam­ple, dis­tin­guishes the device between white and col­ored walls, this makes for a great view­ing experience.

The Beo­Vi­sion 6 TV is ideal as a stand­alone TV avail­able. Due to the already estab­lished with the included foot slope, the TV is ideal for a loca­tion on the ground. The built-​in sound com­po­nents ensure excel­lent sound, in the style of a Dolby Sur­round sys­tem. The com­pact dimen­sions make the Beo­Vi­sion 6 to the ideal sec­ond TV for smaller rooms. Of course, even this device to other BeoSound sys­tems are com­bined.
The Beo­Vi­sion 7 tele­vi­sion series is again a plea­sure in high bril­liance available.

Of human sizes 32 and 40 inches, this TV does well in smaller rooms ide­ally inte­grated. With the included stand which is height adjustable, more­over, this unit can be placed any­where and the design stan­dards of Bang & Olufsen needs. This TV is, accord­ing to Bang & Olufsen inde­scrib­ably beau­ti­ful and can be indi­vid­u­al­ized accord­ingly. Of course, also pos­si­ble for all Bang & Olufsen com­po­nents are com­bined with the Beo­Vi­sion 7.

As a dis­creet pres­ence, the Beo­Vi­sion 9 plasma TV to be seen. An incon­spic­u­ous square frame takes some of the grace of a 50-​inch TV. Behind the some­what incon­spic­u­ous façade put the best pos­si­ble sound and image tech­nolo­gies, the one’s smirk firmly in the face. Due to the var­i­ous state options, this device can be used per­fectly in any room and for each task.

Con­nois­seur like to hang their works on a wall, this is exactly the Beo­Vi­sion been designed 10th The ultra-​flat design pro­vides a low depth. This allows the device to hang unob­tru­sively on a wall or take the cen­tral posi­tion. One could speak at the Beo­Vi­sion 10 is switched off almost an opti­cal illusion.