Teufel T 500

Slim and time­less design com­bined with a full‐bodied sound, that’s what ideal speak­ers look and feel like. Teufel present these exact fea­tures with their recently intro­duced T‐Line. The Teufel T 500 rep­re­sent the top mod­els of the tower speak­ers cat­e­gory.
When look­ing at the tech­ni­cal data sheet, the max­i­mum out­put power of 220 Watt is the first to raise atten­tion. These speak­ers are there­fore suit­able for rooms up to 50 square meters. But lis­ten­ers who enjoy them in less larger rooms will be fully sat­is­fied, too, since the speak­ers are suit­able for any range and area. Most of all, one would never sus­pect that this set gets along with­out sub­woofer. Thanks to their large vol­ume, the speak­ers pro­vide among other a rich and punchy bass. It will shake your ground with­out much trou­ble. For low ranges two bass dri­vers of each 170 mil­lime­tres are respon­si­ble. These two bass‐optimised com­po­nents have got a highly resilient Kevlar fab­ric. Just as the lower priced mod­els, long‐stroke sur­round and a 32 mil­lime­tres voice coil ensure a long‐term and absolutely failure‐free sound with Teufel T 500. The manufacturer’s know‐how won’t allow any audi­ble inter­fer­ence at any fre­quency range. There­fore, bass fre­quen­cies get fil­tered and clearly defined. The mem­brane is made of paper and wool. The rear metal bas­ket is flow‐optimised. In order to pro­tect the fab­ric, the mem­brane has got a dust pro­tec­tion. Inside a sep­a­rated hous­ing com­part­ment a lin­ear mag­netic sys­tem does its work with a 32 mil­lime­tres voice coil. Thanks to the Klippel‐Technology, midrange repro­duc­tions are bril­liant. The tweeter starts work­ing above 2500 Hertz and is pro­vided with a 28 mil­lime­tres calotte. Like with all Teufel sys­tems, a neodymium‐ mag­net works in the back­ground. Thanks to the “Waveguide”‐technology and a slightly shifted arrange­ment, one can say this is a per­fect impulse and speech repro­duc­tion. Some might like to hear that even weaker ampli­fiers are able to oper­ate the Teufel T 500. A high effi­ciency of 87 deci­bel per meter realised uni­ver­sal usage. But it’s prob­a­bly in the users own inter­est to feed this 38kg‐speaker as much as pos­si­ble, because the sound expe­ri­ence is grow­ing with the level. Even from a dis­tance of 5.8 meters, the lis­ten­ing plea­sure is unique. In order to pro­tect your neigh­bours a lit­tle bit, rub­ber feet are included in the scope of sup­ply. Spe­cially designed spikes for a floor bass‐reduction with the Teufel T 500 are optional.
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Teufel T 500

Pic­ture: Teufel T 500