Teufel T 400

The new line of stereo‐speakers by Teufel with the abbre­vi­a­tion ‘T’ marks the begin­ning of a new era. The entry to this world of tower speak­ers is realised with 400 speak­ers.
One among other advan­tages of the new T‐series is the hous­ing shape. The so called “Wave­guide”‐ shape ensures a homo­ge­neous sound. The sound stays the same from almost any direc­tion and angle. The Teufel T 400 pro­vide an extra­or­di­nary con­for­mity. Fur­ther­more, specif­i­cally cho­sen com­po­nents promise a long‐term high‐graded qual­ity. Teufel speak about pure sonor­ity with­out fal­si­fi­ca­tions on any fre­quency level. On top of that, the Teufel T 400 pro­vide a very nat­ural sound repro­duc­tion, as nor­mally only much more pow­er­ful and more expen­sive speak­ers would do. Another char­ac­ter­is­tic is that the Teufel T 400 get along with­out a sub­woofer, but sound as if a true pres­sure machine is hid­den some­where in a the room.
The per­fectly aligned chas­sis, opti­mised with the Klippel‐measuring‐process, have got four sin­gle calottes. The tweeter is of 28mm and has got a high resilient calotte. A neodymium‐magnetic sys­tem is also built‐in. The fre­quency area of the tweeter starts above 3000 Hertz. The midrange dri­vers are spe­cial. Thanks to the Klippel‐Technology, midrange repro­duc­tions are bril­liant. This dri­ver has got a diam­e­ter of 130 mil­lime­tres. The mem­brane is made of paper and wool. The rear metal bas­ket is flow‐optimised. In order to pro­tect the fab­ric, the mem­brane has got a dust pro­tec­tion. Inside a sep­a­rated hous­ing com­part­ment a lin­ear mag­netic sys­tem does its work with a 32 mil­lime­tres voice coil. Through this com­plex tech­nol­ogy, audi­ble influ­ences from other fre­quency areas are being pre­vented. The strong basses are pro­vided by a 130mm respec­tive dri­ver. The mem­brane tech­nol­ogy is robust and set for a long‐term, high‐graded sound repro­duc­tion. The Kevlar‐fabric‐ mem­brane has got a long‐stroke sur­round. In addi­tion, a highly resilient 32mm voice coil ensures a failure‐free sound within the respec­tive fre­quency range.
The big phys­i­cal speaker vol­ume ensures a full‐bodied sound at any vol­ume level. Ideal room size for both speak­ers is 35 square meters. There­fore, the Teufel T 400 Set is per­fectly suited for large rooms and a lis­ten­ing dis­tance of 4.8 meters. Con­nec­tions at rear are gold‐plated and should be fed with at least 70 Watt ampli­fi­ca­tion per chan­nel. The max­i­mum out­put power is at 180 Watt.

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Teufel T 400

Pic­ture: Teufel T 400