Teufel Con­cept E 300 Digital

Per­fect sur­round sound and cin­ema at its best offers the Teufel Con­cept E300 Dig­i­tal . Espe­cially handy in this 5.1 home­cin­ema is the fact that every­thing is fully avail­able with the pur­chase. An ampli­fier, five small speak­ers and a pow­er­ful sub­woofer and the price can be proud of.
The heart of the sys­tem, which offers ampli­fiers, con­nec­tiv­ity to eight devices. The con­nec­tors are for four dig­i­tal devices and ana­log devices designed 4 . This will serve you best for the sound of DVDs, Blu-​Ray discs, DVB tuners, videos or games con­soles. The built-​in Dolby Dig­i­tal decoder pro­vides a per­fect repro­duc­tion of 5.1 sig­nals, or alter­na­tively can eas­ily be upgraded stereo sig­nals that, as a Dolby Sur­round sig­nal can be issued. A vol­ume con­trol and input selec­tor round out the con­trol options at the front, one remote to con­trol other func­tions is the set. Even the look of the amp makes a good fig­ure, along with the high qual­ity of work­man­ship, it fits in with its time­less and con­tem­po­rary design in almost any fur­ni­ture.
Respon­si­ble for the great sound is next to the ampli­fier with 300 watts sys­tem power the speaker Con­cept E300. A slim sub­woofer enclo­sure houses the woofer, this mea­sure 250mm in diam­e­ter. Thanks to the large vol­ume so deep and pow­er­ful bass are given. How­ever, it has man­aged devil to make the design appeal­ing and tol­er­a­ble pro­por­tions. A bass con­trol on the out­side of the unit ensures quick set­tings. The five satel­lite speak­ers com­plete the Dig­i­tal Con­cept E300. The extremely com­pact, high-​and midrange can be used flex­i­bly. They pro­vide the usual devil-​degraded sound qual­ity and con­vinc­ing, even up to high fre­quen­cies. In addi­tion, a fil­ter is inte­grated, which pro­duces a nearly lin­ear fre­quency response. This sets new stan­dards in mul­ti­me­dia appli­ca­tions.
The Devil Con­cept E300 Dig­i­tal is suit­able for rooms up to 25sqm. The sound is sim­i­lar to a benev­o­lent depth and den­sity. The pack­age is a com­pre­hen­sive cable set, which results together with the com­po­nents of a per­fect ensem­ble. Thanks to the high-​quality cable is also avail­able in large trans­fers hardly losses.
The devil is loud Con­cept E300 Dig­i­tal Devil is the best mul­ti­me­dia sys­tem you can buy at this price. In fact, it offers per­for­mance and excel­lent usabil­ity high­est duties, because the sys­tem can be used as a music sys­tem as well as a home the­ater sys­tem. Fur­ther­more, is the use as a lux­u­ri­ous set suit­able for the PC. As you may also use the kit, the pur­chase of the devil Con­cept E300 Dig­i­tal is worth­while. Weak­nesses of the unit will not, even if more expen­sive prod­ucts may come across an even more high-​Tick. This is for the frac­tion of price of 399, — € well, get over

Teufel Concept E 300 Digital Summersale

Teufel Concept E 300 Digital

Pic­ture: Teufel Con­cept E 300 Dig­i­tal

Decoderstation 5 connections

Pic­ture: Decoder­sta­tion 5 con­nec­tions