Teufel Con­cept C 100

The Teufel Con­cept C 100 with its black‐silver design rep­re­sents the ini­ti­a­tion of the actual mul­ti­me­dia series from Teufel. The 2.1 sys­tem has a max­i­mum out­put of 100 Watt and can eas­ily be tamed with the included table remote con­trol. The excel­lent and inim­itable Teufel sound is of course sup­plied as well. The sound is being gen­er­ated by the two tiny satel­lite speak­ers and the pow­er­ful sub­woofer which are way above the stan­dards of sim­i­lar sets in this price cat­e­gory.
The small Con­cept C 100 model has been devel­oped with the same love as his big­ger broth­ers. The hous­ing of the sub­woofer has been crafted out of high‐graded wood, where the 200mm woofer is doing his job. In spite of his great power, the sub­woofer doesn’t need much space and can eas­ily fit in a mod­ern office sur­round­ing. This demand has also been real­ized on the satel­lites, which both pro­vide a 15 Watt out­put. Com­bin­ing the sub­woofer with a 35 Watt ampli­fier, results in a pre­cise and dynamic sound that one can only expect from Teufel. The included table stand ensures a secure posi­tion­ing – even in hec­tic moments. In addi­tion, a wall or stand mount­ing is pos­si­ble too.
The Con­cept C 100 model can then be com­fort­ably remote con­trolled. Not only vol­ume and bass inten­sity can be reg­u­lated, micro­phones and head­phones can be plugged in here. There­fore, speak­ing on the phone via inter­net and pc is not a prob­lem any­more.
With this model Teufel is offer­ing a suc­ceeded sym­bio­sis of price and per­for­mance. The sta­tion cre­ates the famil­iar top sound from Teufel, has a mod­ern design, is uti­liz­able in var­i­ous ways and is easy to oper­ate – what else can one expect.
The Teufel Con­cept C 100 is avail­able for 99.00 £ (spe­cial offer) only at the online shop of Teufel!

Teufel Concept C 100

Teufel Concept C 100 CE 10 FCR satellite

Pic­ture: Teufel Con­cept C 100 CE 10 FCR satel­lite