Teufel Con­cept C 200 USB

Who wants to be on the safe side regard­ing PC sound can turn to the Teufel Con­cept C 200 USB with a clear con­science. This sta­tion com­bines the famil­iar sub­lime sound of the Teufel prod­ucts with mod­ern USB‐technology, which is here pre­sented through a USB‐soundcard. The sound of lap­tops and PCs is often a weak­ness, because users mostly don’t think about that when pur­chas­ing their devices. The result is often a weak and flat sound. The Teufel Con­cept C 200 solves this prob­lem by using its own sound­card and not the PC’s weak one. The sta­tion can directly be con­nected via USB‐interface. The achieved result is impres­sive. Excel­lent stereo sound can be deliv­ered with every com­puter, no mat­ter how poor its sound­card is.
The basis of this tech­nol­ogy are the two small satel­lite speak­ers. The out­put of dif­fer­ent fre­quen­cies is being split. Mid‐tones are sent through the 8 cm cone speaker and high ones through the 1.9 cm calotte. The woofer is tak­ing care of the crisp and punchy basses. There­fore a detailed music expe­ri­ence is deliv­ered. The speak­ers are pro­tected by a grid, which pre­vents the pas­sage of even smaller par­ti­cles. The satel­lite speak­ers can be mounted either on the table with their stands or on the wall.
The also inte­grated ampli­fier pro­vides a pow­er­ful out­put of 200W and enables a strong address­ing in rooms up to 20.
In spite of its high‐tech the Teufel Con­cept C 200 can be com­fort­ably oper­ated via the table remote con­trol. Not only vol­ume and bass inten­sity can be reg­u­lated, micro­phones and head­phones can be plugged in here. Internet‐phone can also eas­ily be used with this sta­tion.
The Con­cept C 200 is a prac­ti­cal, reli­able and high‐quality sta­tion, which addi­tion­ally pro­vides an excel­lent price‐performance ratio at 159.00 £.

Teufel Concept C 200 USB

Teufel Concept C 200 USB Remote Control

Pic­ture: Teufel Con­cept C 200 USB Remote Con­trol