Teufel Con­cept E 100

A super nice and mod­ern starter pack­age for 5.1 sound has genius, the devil in the offer. The Teufel Con­cept E 100 wel­come pack­age the low-​cost entry into the Dolby Sur­round Feel­ing. The sys­tem is designed for use on a PC, no won­der, since most mul­ti­me­dia PCs have become a com­pact enter­tain­ment sys­tem. Both movies from DVD or Blu­ray to be noticed in the high-​resolution flat screens, and plays mod­ern games. All this would be bland with­out the right sound expe­ri­ence some­how.
The Teufel Con­cept E 100 set is of five satel­lite speak­ers and a sub­woofer. This has an inte­grated 200 watt ampli­fier. The com­bi­na­tion of these pro­vides the lis­tener with a bril­liant sur­round sound . The Con­cept E-​100 is opti­mized for the direct use of the sound card. Each desk­top PC with a sound card or any note­book with an audio out­put is suit­able for the oper­a­tion. But this is far from every­thing, because the speaker has RCA con­nec­tors. Thus, all ana­log devices such as DVD player or iPod dock with the Teufel Con­cept E 100 are com­bined.
Teufel has taken care not only for breath­tak­ing per­for­mance in oper­a­tion, but also thought about the envi­ron­ment. With just two watts in standby mode, one need to com­pletely turn off an annoy­ing lit­tle to worry. Oth­er­wise, the sub­woofer pro­vides the bass dri­ver mounted 20cm present a clear and bass. The entire set has a Out­put power of 125 watts It is extremely com­pact. It is also pleas­ing to the low weight, despite the mas­sive case. Just 13 pounds must be moved dur­ing the place­ment.
The Teufel Con­cept has E 100 on the front of the sub­woofer a bass con­trol, vol­ume con­trol and a standby switch. The set is sup­plied with feet, optional wall mounts are also pos­si­ble.

The Con­cept E 100 con­nects to a res­o­nant sys­tem, which fills a room and is easy to oper­ate to. The com­plete pack­age for start­ing price of £ 139,-

Teufel Concept E 100

Teufel Concept E 100 subwoofer

Pic­ture: Teufel Con­cept E 100 sub­woofer