Teufel Con­cept E 200

The speak­ers man­u­fac­turer Teufel has been attract­ing users for years with very rea­son­able prices and a sound qual­ity that can eas­ily keep up with those of the prod­ucts from expen­sive brands. With Con­cept E 200 Teufel hits yet again the nail on the head. The 5.1 Sys­tem is an excel­lent sup­ple­men­ta­tion to any PC work­sta­tion, more­over: it can fill rooms up to 20 m² with its sound. Those users, who under­stand their PC as an enter­tain­ment sys­tem, will be there­fore ben­e­fit­ing in par­tic­u­lar from this sys­tem. The set con­sists of 5 very com­pact satel­lite speak­ers and an active sub­woofer with a 5.1 ampli­fier. In com­par­i­son with the entry model E 100 Teufel Con­cept E 200 achieves the top out­put of 300 Watt. The acoustic expe­ri­ence is thus more intense because of the bass that sounds con­sid­er­ably deeper and even more dis­tinct at high vol­umes. Direct con­nec­tion options for other acoustic devices rep­re­sent the par­tic­u­lar fea­ture of this Con­cept line. All the devices pro­vided with an ana­logue inter­face, such as TV, DVD player or mp3 player, can be directly plugged in Teufel’s Con­cept E 200 set. An irri­tat­ing cable instal­la­tion is no longer a prob­lem, the sys­tem is there­fore becom­ing more vari­able. One can use it as a Dolby‐Surround sta­tion for a TV at home, for exam­ple.
The most impor­tant set­ting options can be adjusted with the help of three rotary knobs at the front. Vol­ume, bass and stand‐by modus can be thus set here. The sys­tem requires no fur­ther set­tings, since the rest of the para­me­ters will be reg­u­lated auto­mat­i­cally by the soft­ware. Teufel Con­cept E 200 Sys­tem is so far a device, which is very easy to han­dle, with­out mak­ing the user face a chal­lenge.
Look­ing for effi­cient 5.1 sys­tems one can hardly avoid Teufel Con­cept E 200. Pow­er­ful sound, heavy and deep basses, per­fect design and fin­ish, easy con­trol­ling and an unbeat­able price are the argu­ments for such a ter­rific sys­tem. The sound test will resolve all the doubts, for some tests in the spe­cialised press have con­firmed the effi­ciency of the sys­tem, too.

There are now enough rea­sons to buy the Con­cept E 200 only for 189,‐£!.

Teufel Concept E 200

Teufel Concept E 200 subwoofer display

Pic­ture: Teufel Con­cept E 200 sub­woofer dis­play