Teufel Con­cept E 300

An out­stand­ing sound at a favourable price is not real­is­able in the world of Dolby Sur­round Sys­tems. But Teufel has been suc­ceed­ing at this chal­lenge for years. For PC enthu­si­asts the Con­cept E‐series has been avail­able for quite some time now. High class acoustics are pre­sented by the Teufel Con­cept E 300 Set. Like his lit­tle broth­ers the Con­cept E 300 pro­vides a direct con­nec­tiv­ity to a PC sound card or an audio out­put of a lap­top. With the 5.1 sur­round sound every PC turns into a true sound machine. The plea­sure of enjoy­ing movies or videogames is reach­ing a whole new level.
The superla­tives will have reached the future owner as soon as the set is being placed. The sub­woofer of the Teufel Con­cept E 300 with a diam­e­ter of 25 cm is fit­ted inside a slim hous­ing. With a sinus out­put power of 200 Watt and a max­i­mum out­put of 300 Watt, rooms up to 25 square meters can be filled with sound reli­ably. The satel­lite speak­ers stand for the devel­op­ment high­light of the Teufel Con­cept E series and deliver a clear and punchy sound. As all the other Teufel Con­cept E mod­els, the Teufel Con­cept E 300 pro­vides bass and vol­ume level con­trols as well as a standby switch on front side of the sub­woofer. The han­dling is there­fore very easy and prac­ti­cal. Fur­ther, one can con­nect ana­logue ter­mi­nals such as DVD or mp3 play­ers via Cinch con­nec­tors. This turns the Con­cept E 300 into a uni­ver­sally applic­a­ble sur­round sys­tem. Thanks to the low elec­tric power con­sump­tion (only 2 Watt while on standby) and the accept­able weight the set can be oper­ated and adjusted trouble‐free. The satel­lite speak­ers have robust stands, but can eas­ily be mounted on the wall as well. More­over the Teufel Con­cept E 300 is visu­ally state‐of‐the‐art and with its fash­ion­able black and trendy sil­vers an upgrade to every room.
The Teufel Con­cept E 300 ele­vates itself sig­nif­i­cantly from its smaller broth­ers and is clos­ing the gap to the top model E 400. One doesn’t have to renounce the qual­i­ties of the top model at a favourable price – the E 300 marks the golden mean.
Buy now the Teufel Con­cept E 300 at the unbeat­able price of 229.00 £!

Teufel Concept E 300

Teufel Concept E 300 satellite CE 20 FCR

Pic­ture: Teufel Con­cept E 300 satel­lite CE 20 FCR