Teufel M520 F

Before buy­ing new hi‐fi equip­ment one should take the time to think about tun­ing the exist­ing one. If the sta­tion is still good, but the sound expe­ri­ence is not, a new stereo‐system should help. The Teufel M520 F stereo tower speak­ers con­jure up the sound of any sta­tion to out­stand­ing results. Each of the two tower speak­ers is set up with two bass/​midrange dri­vers, a tweeter and a lat­eral bass dri­ver. The dimen­sions of the sin­gle com­po­nents are gigan­tic, while front stays sur­pris­ingly slim. The bass/​midrange dri­ver has a diam­e­ter of 160 mil­lime­tres and is made of car­bon fibre. The tweeter has a 25 mil­lime­tres diam­e­ter and pro­vides a neodymium‐magnet. The lat­eral bass dri­ver has got a huge diam­e­ter of 300 mil­lime­tres. With this data in mind, one can imag­ine how big and heavy these tower speak­ers are. Each weighs around 35kg. It should be taken care of a proper stand in any case. Besides, one should eval­u­ate the exist­ing space and indoor arrange­ments when it comes to this bulky size.
In the end, the bulky size turns out to be a big advan­tage of the Teufel M 520 F when repro­duc­ing the sound. The vol­ume and cor­re­spond­ing dimen­sions pro­duce deep and strong basses. Teufel is act­ing very smart con­cern­ing the bass dri­ver, since this one is just being fed as sep­a­rate sub­woofer and has got its own 190 Watt final. There­fore, an addi­tional sub­woofer is redun­dant. The acti­va­tion works optional via sub‐out or via speaker con­nec­tors of a stereo ampli­fier. The lat­ter gets con­stant relieve by the bass driver’s inte­grated final.
In order to adapt the Teufel M520 F ide­ally to the indi­vid­ual room, they pro­vide a peak reg­u­lat­ing switch. Here­with, a dif­fer­ent empha­sis of bass dri­ver and midrange tweeter is pos­si­ble. So besides the room adap­ta­tion, your own music taste can ben­e­fit from this fea­ture. Up to 30 Hz and 105 db/​Meter can be gen­er­ated like this. Teufel men­tions a max­i­mum room size of 50 square meters. It should be enough for most liv­ing rooms.
The Teufel M 520 F are per­fectly suited to act as home‐cinema, too. The sound range being so wide, speech can be repro­duced nat­u­rally. Apart from that, the home‐cinema inher­its two sub­woofers. Teufel is known for offer­ing the finest tech­nol­ogy at a small price (in this case for only 899.00 £). There is noth­ing com­pa­ra­ble in this price class on the mar­ket. All tests from spe­cialised press con­firm a high‐quality tech­nol­ogy on a solid basis. The stereo‐sound is sim­ply thrilling and makes one hun­gry for more.

Teufel M 520 F

Teufel M 520 F sub

Pic­ture: Teufel M 520 F sub