Teufel Sys­tem 5 THX Select 2

There are many dif­fer­ent kinds of speak­ers and many sys­tems are spe­cialised on cer­tain sound events such as home‐cinema for exam­ple. In between one will always find sound solu­tions applic­a­ble for var­i­ous events, while gen­er­ally main­tain­ing a high qual­ity sound repro­duc­tion.
The Teufel Sys­tem 5 THX Select 2, which has been designed with a 5.2‐functionality, is one of these kinds of sys­tems. At front the music out­put can go up to 180 Watt while being shielded against mag­net­ism at all times. The tweeter has a diam­e­ter of 25mm and the two bass dri­vers 130 mm each. The speak­ers are a light­weight at 3 and 3.2 kg, only the sub­woofers are heav­ier at 26 kg. In case of a simul­ta­ne­ous usage the speak­ers have a max­i­mum music out­put of 160 Watt. The dimen­sions of the tweet­ers and bass dri­vers are 203117.5 cm, the subwoofer’s 385548 cm. The trans­mis­sion fre­quency is adjustable; phase match­ing can be adapted to indi­vid­ual require­ments via switch. The imped­ance is four to eight ohm.

The design of Teufel’s Sys­tem 5 THX Select 2 is very ele­gant and con­tem­po­rary, the speak­ers smoothly fit in to their sur­round­ings. Basses are tight, suc­cess­fully fram­ing the tweet­ers. The crys­tal clear sound at high fre­quen­cies is amaz­ing. There­fore, the Teufel Sys­tem 5 THX Select 2 is applic­a­ble on almost any occa­sion, espe­cially rec­om­mend­able for home‐cinema usage or fes­tiv­i­ties of any kind.
Buy now the Teufel Sys­tem 5 THX Select 2 directly at the online store of Teufel for 1349.00 £.

Teufel System 5 THX Select 2