Sys­tem 9 THX Ultra 2 – a pure sound revelation

Sys­tem 9 is a prime exam­ple for home‐cinema‐speakers that per­fect sound. Ulti­mate flat mem­brane tech­nol­ogy includ­ing an out­stand­ing 1200 Watt sub­woofer, turn your home into a high‐tech‐centre match­ing any liv­ing ambiance. With Sys­tem 9 you are always in the first row. The trend‐setting ref­er­ence sys­tem will amaze even high demand­ing cus­tomers. This win­ner among speak­ers will seduce you to XXL‐cinema‐events within your own four walls. Rooms up to 100 square meters get an opti­mal sonor­ity. The unique mate­r­ial mix of brushed alu­minium, a newly cre­ated flat‐membrane‐ chas­sis and an ele­gant black high glossy sur­face fin­ish­ing give Sys­tem 9 the sig­nif­i­cant pre­dom­i­nance towards con­ven­tional speaker‐systems. The result is a sur­pris­ingly cool design, wor­thy of the high tech­nol­ogy and sound level. Sys­tem 9 is savour­ing the tech­no­log­i­cal devel­op­ment advan­tage towards hi‐fi com­peti­tors. Teufel cal­cu­lated the price like hell and is offer­ing alpha‐quality with­out ruin­ing the cus­tomer finan­cially. Sys­tem 9 is an ode to fine tuned acoustics that has been realised through excel­lent high‐tech ele­ments. Within focus of atten­tion are the visu­ally dom­i­nant flat‐membrane midrange dri­vers and dome tweet­ers, embed­ded in the front speak­ers M 950 FCR. The three com­po­nents have been posi­tioned in the proven D’Appolito‐Alignment on top of each other, ensur­ing a spa­tial and pre­cise repro­duc­tion of all mid and high fre­quency areas. The dipole‐speakers M 950 D are solid surround‐towers which make home‐cinema to a holis­tic expe­ri­ence. Inside this cin­e­matic tem­ple, movie nights with friends will become mem­o­rable.
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Teufel System 9 THX Ultra 2

Teufel System 9 THX Ultra 2 satellite

Pic­ture: Teufel Sys­tem 9 THX Ultra 2 satel­lite

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