Teufel T 300

The search for pow­er­ful speak­ers that can also be inte­grated into one’s room ide­ally can often force to make a choice with com­pro­mises. Com­pact shelve speak­ers are easy to inte­grate, but they often per­form poorly. Fans of pow­er­ful basses often get dis­ap­pointed due to small dimen­sions and low vol­umes. Vice versa, tall tower speak­ers or subwoofer‐systems deliver a pow­er­ful sound with shak­ing basses, but seem like aliens in small rooms. The solu­tion has been brought to mar­ket by the world‐ renowned man­u­fac­turer Teufel. The new devel­oped shelve speak­ers T 300 are as pow­er­ful as most tower speak­ers with bulky bass dri­vers and still fit into any cor­ner. Expe­ri­enced Teufel‐enthusiasts might remem­ber the leg­endary Teufel M 100‐speakers, which already in 1989 per­formed a per­fect sound in spite a handy size. There is lit­tle dif­fer­ence to the new speak­ers, since the Teufel T 300 fit into any shelve, on any wall or a stand. If con­nois­seurs need to find a dif­fer­ence, they should look at the price. Teufel’s T 300 are much lower in price than the mod­els from 1989.

The advan­tages of the T 300 are obvi­ous, since they are con­strued as full‐range‐speakers. There­fore, the set is able to cover all nec­es­sary fre­quen­cies with­out sub­woofer. Most impor­tant to men­tion are the high‐graded com­po­nents, which com­bined with the mature know‐how of Teufel guar­an­tee a long last­ing sound qual­ity. Teufel stands for a pure and clear sound at any vol­ume level.

The applied mate­ri­als are pre­mium qual­ity and made from real wood. The appear­ance should be rated as neu­tral. The shape of the main hous­ing is accord­ing to Teufel’s own devel­op­ment “Wave­guide”, which allows a homo­ge­neous radi­a­tion of sound waves. Even Teufel speak about homo­gene­ity when it comes to the T 300.

The struc­ture of the Teufel T 300 is con­form 2‐way‐technology. The mid‐bass unit is work­ing in the area below 2800 Hertz. In the high‐frequency range, a 28 mm calotte is respon­si­ble. Equipped like that, these speak­ers are ideal for rooms up to 25 square meters. A per­fect sound expe­ri­ence can be achieved up to a dis­tance of 4.1 meters from the speaker. Typ­i­cal Teufel is also the uni­ver­sal con­nec­tiv­ity to most ampli­fiers. Teufel’s T 300 need 30 Watt per chan­nel for a pow­er­ful out­put. The max­i­mum out­put of these mod­els is 120 Watt. You can there­fore eas­ily apply more pow­er­ful ampli­fiers, too.

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Teufel T 300

Pic­ture: Teufel T 300


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