Teufel Ultima 60

Music lovers will be amazed by the new Teufel Ultima 60.
This speaker bribes not only with its looks, but also with its sound. The usu­ally cool and highly mod­ern appear­ing designs by Teufel have been com­bined with a new, but very famil­iar shape on the Ultima 60 series. The speak­ers that look like such are back. The Ultima not only gives sub­lime func­tional wings to the sound, but reflects a phys­i­cal appear­ance of true speak­ers as they use to be. The tower speak­ers in dark wooden design bring strong basses via two bass dri­vers, which are located in the column’s lower area. The max­i­mum out­put power is 160 Watt and an addi­tional sub­woofer is due to the full‐range‐stereo per­for­mance of the Ultima 60 unnec­es­sary. A large vol­ume com­bined with the homo­ge­neous radi­a­tion of the mem­brane sur­face sep­a­rate fre­quen­cies in an opti­mal way and cre­ates a whole new sound expe­ri­ence of your favourite music. The speak­ers are about one meter tall and fill this space with tech­nol­ogy and sound. Above the two bass dri­vers of these 3 ‐way‐speakers there is a 160mm midrange dri­ver each for fre­quency areas between 500 and 2500 Hz, rais­ing the pulse of every musi­cal fan. BiWiring and BiAmp­ing con­nec­tion are the lit­tle extrav­a­gance brought by the Ultima 60, enabling the exten­sion to an addi­tional final, improv­ing the sound even more. The easy han­dling of these good‐looking speak­ers rounds up the lis­ten­ing plea­sure. Just plug in and enjoy full‐bodied concert‐sound as is should be. Teufel doesn’t fight a mod­ern feel­ing, as shown with other speak­ers and is plan­ning to offer dif­fer­ent colours for the Ultima 60. Teufel’s Ultima 60 com­bines proven design with mod­ern tech­nol­ogy, in order to turn the music lover’s liv­ing room into a sound tem­ple.
Buy now the Teufel Ultima 60 speak­ers at a set price of 319.00 £.

Teufel Ultima 60

Teufel Ultima 60 front

Pic­ture: Teufel Ultima 60 front

Teufel Ultima 60 backside with its golden connectors

Pic­ture: Teufel Ultima 60 back­side with its golden con­nec­tors